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Marilyn Lawrence


“It is my belief and experience that you will get more out of your life if you are willing to release your limiting beliefs and the emotions that are tethered to past experiences. Recognizing that something just isn’t quite right, that something could be better, that you could be happier, healthier, wealthier, or that there is an issue you want to resolve, is your first step. It opens the doors too so that you can move into the greatness of yourself!”

What I Specialize In

Life, Awareness, & Wellness Coaching

Are you longing for answers and directions? Do you “miss” yourself and want to find yourself again? There are answers for you. 

Career & Business Coaching

Whether one is beginning a new career or one has a desire to increase their current business, this coaching will help. We will focus on your strengths, personality style, personal needs, and interests to help you redefine your relationship to work.

We are all tasked in this lifetime to share and spread our light. 

Begin Your Journey Today.

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