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About Marilyn

Marilyn has helped many people remove obstacles from their lives so they can once again feel the infinite joy of their purpose.

Marilyn Lawrence is an Intuitive Energy Coach, Author, Messenger, and Speaker. To date, her books include - "From Pink to Blue and Back Again: Finding Our Purpose In A Distracting World," "On An Angel’s Wing": Real-Life Angelic Encounters and Divine Lessons, "A Donavan Memory," "I Gave The Sun A Bath: An Environmentally Conscious Motivational Book For Children", "The Balloon That Saw The World ( Let go of the weight that is holding you back. The World is Waiting!)." "28 Day Sculpting Challenge: Utilizing Energy Magnetism to Sculpt the Life You Want to Live" and "28 Day Challenge To A Mindfully Conscious You."


Embracing her path with gusto and passion, via her books, workshops, coaching, and seminars, Marilyn teaches adults and children alike to recognize their purpose-driven qualities, so they too can make the difference they were born to make in this life and achieve full-life satisfaction.


Marilyn was presented the Carol Flynn Quill Award at the Women of Impact Gala held at Johns Hopkins University. She was recognized on the cover of Focus On Women magazine, has been a guest on radio shows, and has been quoted in blogs and websites. Marilyn has also been the showcased speaker at various events and has been featured in newspaper articles and magazines. She enjoys an active schedule of coaching, writing, speaking, book signings and teaching.

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Marilyn has written and published seven books with more on the horizon. They are all available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and various bookstores.


Marilyn shares with her audience techniques and tools for advancing their life aligned with their life purpose. Marilyn also offers intuitive readings at her engagements.


Marilyn offers Intuitive Energy Coaching Sessions that are laced with messages from your “team” and graduated loved ones, designed to be for the individual's highest and greatest good.

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