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Marilyn Lawrence encouraged students from Clackamas High School to participate in a contest to illustrate her children's books
"I Gave The Sun A Bath" and "The Balloon That Saw The World.".

Congrats to Winners, Zoe' Clegg, and Katie Le!!

Zoe’ Clegg, the winner of the illustration contest for the children's book, “I Gave The Sun A Bath” used her work to apply to different colleges to earn scholarships. Katie Le was just as excited to share her winning illustrations for the children's book, "The Balloon That Saw The World."


This is just one example of how Marilyn enjoys supporting children on their path in life. She believes it is important to teach people of all ages how to reach out in different directions to make a positive impact in the world, and in other people's lives. The pictures of the children in her children’s books are based on actual pictures of Marilyn’s nieces and nephews, plus, the names in each of the books, Marilyn has written are names of family members and friends.

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