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NEW COURSE Beginnng October 9th to Nov 5th 2022! 


Welcome To Your 28 Day Challenge To a Mindfully Conscious You!


In this course, you will not only discover and learn habits that will transform your world into one that is consciously driven by your desires, as opposed to being driven by reactionary daily events, but it will also teach you many tools that aid in achieving the mindfully –focused life you have desired.


For 28 days you will follow assignments and engaging activities geared at creating new daily habits designed to enhance your current skills and abilities, as well as open the doors to expanded mindful living transforming your life into the reality you have been dreaming of.


In 28 days you will learn and practice: Meditation, Grounding, Clearing and Cleaning Space, Truth of Being, Chanting for a Manifested Life, Working with your “Team” and much more!    


It is a powerful time to become a better you!

28 Day Challenge To A Mindfully Conscious You

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