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This Powerful and Divinely inspired deck of 45 I Am Affirmations cards, plus I Am My Own Creation Guidebook has inspired hundreds already to take the steps to manifest the life they desire.

Beautifully illustrated and Divinely charged I Am Affirmations.


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The I Am My Own Creation guidebook contains beautifully illustrated affirmations that are charged with "I Am" affirmations, each devoted to generating the shifts needed to create the life you wish to live. The guidebook not only teaches valuable methods of how to use the affirmations but also provides further information and explanations about the formidable messages of each.
The use of affirmations to create wanted and needed shifts in a person's life has been used for centuries and has proven to be a successful technique based on continued usage alone. Coupling this technique with the, "I Am" energy provides an advanced method of achieving desired results.
These Divinely inspired messages will address some of the major obstacles we face and will aid in transforming their programs into ones that help our successful life advancements, realizations, and dream achievements. Using this simple, yet proven method, you can live your desired life.
The I Am My Own Creation Guidebook is pocket-sized and perfect for carrying with you daily as a resource for your life advancements!
Take it with you everywhere, every day!


To purchase the Guidebook separately :

I Am My Own Creation Oracle Cards and Guidebook Set

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