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Recapturing Grandeur

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Have you ever witnessed a brilliant sunset, marveling at the colors melding into one another, watching as the lights bounce off the landscape changing the hue of everything in its scope? Nature provides for us the most brilliant displays of glory every day. These masterpieces are difficult at best to recreate, just like some life experiences. I have seen paintings of sunsets that are beautifully rendered, but the colors are so intense and vivid that they are challenging to view as real, even though these paintings are replicas of the actual events.

Each of us have occurrences in our lives that are so memorable that we will never forget them. Though we may try to relive or reenact the event, it will never be quite the same. The encounters are like the resplendent sunsets, a work of art; an unforgettable memory.

The secret is to be appreciative and show gratitude for these “gifts” when they are given to you, knowing they may never come again, but knowing that they were sent to you to receive, enjoy and remember. Make a practice of accepting and receiving these gifts, keeping these beautiful memories and allowing them to take the place of negative, sad, hurtful memories that you have been holding on to. Fill yourself with the joy of life and release the sorrow. Make a conscious effort to fill yourself every day with the beauty that surrounds you and make a conscious effort to keep your mind away from dwelling on things that will not benefit you or those you love; the negative emotions, words, actions and thoughts.

You are beautiful, fill yourself with the beauty around you and do not hold on to anything that will take you away from your picturesque self!

By Marilyn Lawrence

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