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What Would An Angel Say?

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

I am sure you have heard or have used the expression, it “dawned on me” before.

When something “dawns” on you, it is like a light going off or being turned on.

Dawn is light.

Light is The Divine Angels. So when something “dawns” on you, you have just received a message from the Angels.

From this day forward when you have something “dawn on you”, remember to thank the Angels!

There are many beautiful stories and books written by equally as beautiful souls, that remind you to always watch your words.

To pay attention to the words that you say as that is what you are projecting out from you and henceforth will receive back to you.

We know that we must speak with awareness of effect and we know that words carry a frequency.

Our choice is now how to integrate this important information in to our everyday speaking; to have a continuous awareness of chosen words. To ask ourselves, “What Would an Angel Say”?

By paying close attention to our words we will begin creating a shift in vibration around us.

As we spread this vibration and awareness, we will be creating shifts in people around us.

We are all tasked in this lifetime to share and spread our light; it is a wonderfully important job!

By Marilyn Lawrence

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