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The Battle of The Hummingbirds

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Things worth noticing and mentioning

As I have mentioned before, I enjoy bird-watching and I support the birds and nature.

In the case of the hummingbird, our garden is a utopia of delicious flowers and plants that placate to them. I also have a hummingbird feeder that hangs next to our bird feeder palace. The hummingbird feeder has 8 holes where the birds can stand and drink. To clarify, that is a place for eight hummingbirds to unify and share the harvest from the delicious nectar that is contained in the odd-looking flower.

However, that is not what happens.

The hummingbirds at our home have turned the yard into a war zone, a war zone between hummingbirds. These small dainty birds jet around the yard weaving in and out of obstacles with brilliant precision.

One hummingbird is fine, as it leisurely bounces between flower and feeder. Everything is tranquil; hummingbird and birds eating side by side, singing happily…but as soon as any other hummingbird comes along, especially if they dare consider drinking from the feeder, a switch turns. The once docile hummingbird becomes a lean mean fighting machine. The regular birds look on in disbelief as the shrill sounding attacks begin. With little rest they chase one another around the yard, yelling what I am sure are birdie obscenities at one another. Instead of sitting together and sharing the delicious sugary concoction, perhaps conversing over the hauls in different yards, they argue and chase and grow weary with no positive reward in my estimation; because eventually all hummingbirds make their way to our feeder when the others have flown elsewhere.

It puzzles me what could possibly make them so angry at one another. I wonder why they would want to spend so much of their time defending territory and property that could easily and should be shared.

Some may say this kind of hummingbird activity mimics some people and some families behaviors to one another, even some countries behaviors to others. Spending time angrily fighting and speaking. Defending rights to things that should be shared. Focusing on small issues when there is greatness left unexplored.

But then it could be the hummingbirds just like it that way.

By Marilyn Lawrence

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